day|LIGHT – Dawei Wang

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Opening Reception:Jan10,Friday,5-7pm,2020
YUI Gallery:131 Eldridge St,New York,10002
Sunlight,2019,Mixed media on canvas,20cm x 25cm
       YUI Gallery is pleased to present day|LIGHT, an exhibition of paintings by New York based artist Dawei Wang. This is the artist’s third exhibition in New York with YUI gallery.
Living in cities, Wang observes moments when people are immersing in specific states: sitting still, being absent-minded, or being extremely relaxed and forgetting themselves. These scenes bring him sense of both intimacy and alienation. Strangers fusing into urban environment are familiar for Wang who was brought up in cities, while his imagination upon their intentions is opened due to the alienation derived from his identity as a foreigner. 
Island,2019,Mixed media on canvas,147cm x 177.5cm
       With the water-based pigments which are controllable and contingent,Wang balanced the attributes of different pigments to exhibit the conflict and integration of reality and imagination. For instance, in Eclipse, people scatter on grass. Perhaps some of them are waiting for the rarely seen solar eclipse and some are simply getting ready for idling the rest of the day. At this moment, human figures seem to be soaked in a dream. In Wang’s other piece – Island, he illustrates a park, a landmark in midtown Manhattan. Viewers will be guided into the oasis-looked ground along with the man in orange garment. The distant dark grey buildings are shrouded by an eastern-styled cloud and mist. Artist constructed a semi-closed getaway that seems dreamy but keeps a small window to reality. As the artist said, “My creative process is to capture and play over those real and mellow moments and reproduce my impression through paintings”.
       Dawei Wang, born in1984 in Shanghai, graduated from the MFA program at Fine Art College, Shanghai Normal University in 2015, now living in New York. He has participated in group exhibitions such as the FQ Projects New Generation Art Group Exhibition, FQ Projects Monologue Group Exhibition, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art “In Between Reality and Fiction” Animamix Biennale, FQ Projects “Loners” solo show, YUI Gallery “City Poetry” solo show, as well as the Shanghai International Contemporary Art Fair, Art Stage Singapore, ART021 and Sixteenth Annual Los Angeles Art Show.
日|光 – 王大卫
YUI画廊:131 Eldridge St,New York,10002
日光,2019,布面综合材料,20 x 25厘米
岛,2019,布面综合材料,147 x 177.5厘米
日光,2019,布面综合材料,33 x 50.5厘米

日光,2018,布面综合材料,20 x 25厘米

日蚀,2018,布面综合材料,76 x 91厘米

橄榄球和日光浴,2018,布面综合材料,76 x 91厘米

日光,2018,布面综合材料,76 x 91厘米